Why Lucinda is Walking4BrainCancer

June 4, 2019

By Lucinda Mansour

This year, I’ll be Walking4BrainCancer in Centennial Park in memory of my beautiful best friend Tessa, who I lost to brain cancer in 2016.

No one really teaches you how to prepare for or deal with death, especially in your early twenties. But what Tessa taught me was how to live, and really live well.

My friendship circle first started walking in support of Tessa in 2015. Despite her treatment at the time, Tessa united us all for the cause, and we have made the effort to walk every year since.

Throughout her life and her battle with brain cancer, Tessa did not stop shining her bright light on all those who were lucky enough to meet her. Her love, care and time for everyone around her was boundless. Tessa always looked for a way to seize the day and find the special magic in it by giving something new a go, being spontaneous, getting involved, motivating others, and always looking on the bright side of life.

Even after long days of intense treatment, Tessa would make her family, friends and the whole hospital laugh by walking around with her IV pole dressed up as everything from a tinsel-wrapped candy cane to a ‘Harry Potter’ broomstick. Up until her very last days her smile was infectious – full of love and warmth – just like her.

I miss Tessa every single day. Despite her unfathomable strength and courage, the brain cancer had spread to a point where it could no longer be treated in time. It is something that I don’t want anyone else to have to go through – and something which I am determined to assist in finding a treatment for by raising awareness and much needed funds for research.

Tessa’s drive and incredible approach is what’s inspired me to continue raising funds for vital brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness at Walk4BrainCancer. I’m looking forward to uniting with the brain cancer community at Centennial Park this year, where every step, no matter how small, can build to help reach a goal and change the world for people impacted by brain cancer.

I hope as a community that we never stop building and building our efforts to beat brain cancer and cancer in general. Together, we can, and we will beat this beast.