Dedicate a Crane

Simply choose a fundraiser to donate to and dedicate a crane through their fundraising page.

Fold your own origami crane.

The origami crane is a symbol for peace, hope and healing.

Maja shows us how:


Maja’s Story

“I set out on a journey when asking a local cafe if I could fundraise outside on the street for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. I made around 50 origami paper cranes in hopes of raising money towards Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, as mum had recently gone through her first surgery. At the time I didn’t truly recognise exactly what I was fundraising for, but I wanted to make my mother happy and support her in something that she was passionate about; so I hung each crane up on a handmade Christmas Tree we had created in the summer and sold my paper cranes at any price which would go directly to Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

I only made $47 at the time but it was enough of an achievement for a 10 year old. The goal wasn’t simply to raise a large amount of money, but to spread awareness in a local area. It’s not just a charity or a cause, it’s a community that works hard to look after everyone who is affected. All who go through it, and by experiencing the impacts first hand as a 10 year old, all you want to do is look after those who you love the most. It wasn’t about the amount of money I’d raise, it was about teaching people the importance of putting your full efforts into looking after those who you care about most, even if it’s only selling paper cranes.”

Has Maja inspired you?

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