Walk4BrainCancer South West Rocks

Saturday 4 November 2023

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Join us South West Rocks Surf Club to raise much-needed funds for brain cancer research.

  • Saturday 4 November 2023
  • Walk starts at 9.00am
  • Surf Club, South West Rocks NSW 2431
  • Join us at South west Rocks Horseshoe Bay, starting at the South West Rocks surf club and around to Trial Bay. Then return for those who want to. Pick your own distance you want to walk. You could even swim across the bay if you so choose (please note there will be no lifeguard service provided apart from if there are lifeguards on duty as normal).


  • For 12 months from August 2022, I felt my mood and way of living gradually deteriorating. I believed it was severed depression related to what family issues I was dealing with. It wasn’t until I experienced debilitating “thunderclap” headaches and sleeping 16+ hours a day that I FINALLY listened to my mum and partner.
    10am 4th August I had my CT scan. By 2pm that afternoon I had a call from my GP saying you need to be getting to the hospital right now and be flown to John Hunter Hospital for emergency surgery on a frontal lobe mass.
    My world shook.
    I was flown down that night and into the amazing care of the staff at JHH. 13th August I had a 6cm mass debulked and sadly was told days later that it was cancerous and didn’t look promising. My mum my hero brought me home to care for me as I waited to be healed enough to commence my appropriate treatment. There is not enough space to tell that journey but let’s say I wouldn’t be here without my mother doing all she did.
    I commenced radiotherapy and concurrent chemotherapy on the 26th September 2023. I will complete this November 3rd. Therefore, the walk will be my first day after completing my treatment.
    The care and treatment I have received from all areas has been beyond what I can describe. This walk and contributing to funds to the walk4braincancer.com.au target is a small way I can help and say thankyou.
  • Matthew Cox
  • 0428621012

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Walk4BrainCancer is a series of walks raising awareness and funds for brain cancer research.