How Walk4BrainCancer is saving lives

August 13, 2020

After years of investment in world-class research, impactful advocacy and widespread awareness, we are now seeing results.

In 2015 Cure Brain Cancer Foundation provided the $1.3 million of early funding needed to get the Zero Childhood Cancer program off the ground. Four years on, Zero is a nation-wide, world-class personalised medicine program for Australian children with deadly and hard to treat cancers, with 81 brain cancer patients enrolled so far. And it wouldn’t have been possible without Walk4BrainCancer and the vital funding it’s raised.

How Walk4BrainCancer helps lifesaving research like Zero Childhood Cancer

For some of those 81 children, the results so far have been impressive. In many cases, Zero’s treatment recommendations led to extended life with improved quality. And for some of these children, Zero has quite literally meant the difference between life and death. And Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is proud to have backed it since day one.

Analysis via this program has resulted in treatment recommendations for 70% of the children with brain cancer, and in some cases, led to potential treatments identified by genetic testing, and in other cases, the identification of completely new therapies.

Supported by Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and led in partnership by Children’s Cancer Institute and Sydney Children’s Hospital, this national program now includes eight hospitals and 22 research partners in Australia and overseas.

We won’t stop investing in innovative programmes like Zero until every Australian child diagnosed with brain cancer has access to a clinical trial.

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