Jane Akhurst – A Walk4BrainCancer warrior

August 23, 2019

Since being diagnosed with a GBM in 2014, Jane Akhurst and her family have taken part in Walk4BrainCancer Melbourne to help raise much-needed funds and awareness for brain cancer. As you’ll see, Jane’s optimism and fundraising drive are truly inspirational.

Jane’s Top Fundraising Tips

1. Create an extensive contact list of friends, family and acquaintances. Update it when you meet someone new, especially if they show an interest in your story.  Think back over school friends, uni friends, work friends, friends you made through your kids, special school teachers, etc.

2. Make the request for donations as personalised as possible so that friends and acquaintances choose your charity over other worthy and famous charities where they may not have an intimate connection.

3. Share some personal photos to assist in point two. For example hospital photos and photos of yourself with hair loss, etc. This is important for me and my connections because I don’t currently look or behave unwell and yet I have an incurable disease.

4.  Personally thank everyone who donates, no matter what the amount.  This is an easy way to differentiate yourself from other charities who just send a tax deduction thank you letter.

5.  Send reminder emails leading up to the event with new photos and loads of details and encouragement.

6.  Think about creating a Walk4BrainCancer T-shirt that differentiates your group of supporters.

7.  Take a group photo at the Walk to use in a final thank you email after the event and to kick off the following year’s campaign.

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